Doula Birthing Assistant Care
Providing informational, physical & emotional care for women in childbirth

labor & birth doula Huntsville, AL

doula Huntsville, AL


Your labor & delivery with you in control - riding the waves of your contractions and working toward the empowerment of motherhood.  Of being overwhelmed with joy when holding your newborn in your arms for the first time.  Your childbirth experience will remain with you forever, so why not take steps to make it  positive & fulfilling?!



Why Am I a Doula?:

After giving birth to 6 children, I yearned to help other mothers with this very demanding physiological aspect of our womanhood.  I understand the need of informed choices, a caring touch, & continual encouragement.  My purpose in being a doula is to help you achieve your ideal experience while helping you not only cope with your labor, but also by giving you confidence in yourself.  YOU  can do this - and I can help.

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